Slow touch massage: 60 or 90 minutes of relaxation

A different concept of massage, firm, soft and deep at the same time so that you disconnect and enjoy yourself as never before. 60 or 90 minutes of deep relaxation and peaceful sensations!

The Slow Touch technique can be applied to different types of massages: decontracting, relaxing or energetic. The contact of the hands, firm, soft and deep at the same time, will make you connect with your body and experience intensely placid and pleasant sensations, which will balance the communication between your mind and your body and that will leave you in a state of peace, tranquility and deep relaxation.

The massage is done in a warm, cozy and quiet environment. The music and soft lighting will accompany you on this journey of sensations, while the aroma of essential oils will help you relax and enjoy, even more, this massage of deep sensations.

In special cases, such as decontracting massage, complementary techniques such as moxibustion or hot stones are also used.

Our Spa is a center for your well-being and rebalancing, which thinks of you in a comprehensive and complete way. Well connected and easily accessible both by public transport or by private car. We have everything you need to make you feel comfortable. We welcome you in a quiet and cozy atmosphere. It is your natural center of relaxation, beauty and well-being.

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